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Cold Laser Base Station

The Erchonia Base Station Lasers are THE Deluxe of LowLevelLaser Technologies.  Many HealthCare & Wellness Professionals around the world are taking advantage of the unique benefits that Erchonia’s LowLevelLasers offer patients.  Unlike traditional surgery or medication, LowLevelLaser Therapy promotes natural healing within the body using safe levels of light.  The treatment features no adverse side effects, no pain and no downtime, allowing patients to heal properly and quickly from a wide range of painful and chronic conditions.

One of the Revolutionary LLLasers TheHealingCenter uses for pain relief is the multiple XLR8 lasers which have 3 FDA 510k market clearances.  Being FDA Approved these incredible lasers help patients experience Freedom of both old&new pains alike.  Similar to photosynthesis in plants, LLLaser Therapy has a photochemical effect that naturally reduces oxidative stress and increases the production of ATP.  All HealthCare Professionals can use the power of these innovative technologies to target numerous painful conditions including:

  • Chronic neck & shoulder pain
  • Post-surgery pains
  • Lower back and Hip pains
  • Elbow, wrist and hand pains
  • Knee, ankle & foot pains

The broad use of the XLR8 laser makes the device an ideal choice for doctors, chiropractors, sports medicine practitioners, holistic professionals and physical therapist and all other professionals who need to treat many conditions.  And with 15 total FDA clearances, no laser manufacturer is more Trusted to treat these conditions than Erchonia.

Another Powerful and Newer laser is the EVRL LLLaser operating at a wavelength of 405nm and 660nm, harnessing the power of both red and violet cold lasers.  The treatment versatility of a combo EVRL & XLR8 LLLasers offers unique anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that can treat a broader range of medical conditions without harmful side effects associated with traditional options.

While many HealthCare Practitioners worldwide enjoy the immense benefits of light therapy, the Erchonia Base Station lasers are the “Best of the Best” of lasers that are available in America today.  Erchonia’s Base Station is one of the most innovative solutions to patient care and pain relief.  The different programs of the entire Base Station Lasers really helps the cellular tissue to heal quickly and safely.  If You’re ready to experience the difference that works, please contact The Healing Center of Michigan TODAY!!!

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