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Chiropractic care offers an alternative to surgery or prescription medications for alleviating painful symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. If you’re experiencing joint, muscle, ligament, or tendon pain due to poor posture, bad ergonomics, an accidental injury or a chronic condition, contact your chiropractor in Clarkston from The Healing Center of Michigan for chiropractic pain relief treatment.


Unlike medications that provide temporary pain relief, chiropractic treatments strive to achieve long-term relief and even full recovery from a musculoskeletal injury. Your chiropractor in Clarkston, MI, uses natural therapies and techniques to treat pain and the source of your pain for long-term relief. These techniques and therapies include:

  • Spinal adjustments to correct misaligned vertebrae and joints that are pinching spinal nerves and causing pain
  • Massage therapy to reduce muscle tension and circulate more blood to injured areas for quicker healing 
  • Cold laser therapy to relieve pain and stimulate healing of injured tissues
  • Applied Kinesiology to diagnose and treat medical conditions by identifying muscle weaknesses
  • Corrective exercises to strengthen muscles and joints to prevent future injuries
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling to promote healthy living habits that can keep you from developing painful medical conditions 

Conditions Treated

Chiropractic care can treat a wide range of conditions ranging from headaches to neck, shoulder, and back pain, sprains and strains, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and more. In some cases, chiropractic treatments can help eliminate pain by helping you fully recover from an injury. In other cases, your chiropractor in Clarkston, MI, can teach you how to manage pain to improve your quality of life. Regular chiropractic treatments can even help you avoid painful injuries by improving muscle strength and flexibility.

Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Almost anyone, from children to seniors, can benefit from chiropractic treatments. As no two people are exactly alike in their medical conditions or symptoms, we customize our treatments to ensure you get the most from our therapies and techniques.

During your initial visit to The Healing Center of Michigan, we’ll review your medical history to get a better idea of your overall health and wellbeing. From there, we’ll conduct a comprehensive physical exam to diagnose your condition and determine whether you can benefit from chiropractic treatment. If so, we’ll create a treatment plan conducive to your healing. The length of your treatment will depend a great deal on the cause and severity of your condition.

See Your Clarkston Chiropractor for Chiropractic Treatment

Don’t let joint or muscle pain keep you from living the lifestyle you enjoy most. Contact The Healing Center of Michigan at 248-212-7435 today or visit our facility in Clarkston, MI, to learn more about our chiropractic treatments.  


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